Can Dogs Eat Oranges


By: candogseat

Updated On: November 22, 2020

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Can dogs eat oranges?

You can give your dog a couple of slices of oranges a day but make sure if you live in the south that he doesn’t chew on the foliage around your tree as citrus leaves are poisonous to Man’s Best Friend. Keep them away from the peel and the seed as they are not safe to ingest. Your dog can have oranges, tangerines, tangelos, or clementines as they are all in the same family. 

How are oranges good for dogs?

Oranges and all citrus have Vitamin C which benefits your dog’s immune system and may help them ward off some illnesses or toxins ingested such as onion powder or propylene glycol. Oranges are tasty for your pet so they are a welcome treat for most, but don’t give them more than a couple of slices at a time. They have a moderately high sugar content which may help a skinny pooch but not be good for your overweight pet. If your pet has been stressed or gone through an extreme exercise period the Vitamin C might help replenish a lack as exercise can reduce the pup’s capacity to produce this vitamin.

How are oranges bad for dogs?

Make sure your dog is not given the peel or the seeds of an orange as they can be harmful. The seeds contain cyanide, which is poisonous, but only have a trace amount. Too many seeds could cause constipation or blockage. The peel, while not poisonous, is very hard to digest. Also, oranges are quite tasty and have a moderate sugar content so you want to watch out for your overweight dog. If your dog is diabetic the Vitamin C plus the fructose in oranges could be damaging to his blood sugar level. Make sure to notice your dog’s reaction to any new food and introduce very small amounts to see if there is an allergic response.

How do you feed oranges to your dog?

Remember that they are moderately sweet so just give one or two segments for a snack. If you want to use juice use fresh juice in his smoothie so you are not giving any additives from a store purchased variety. One of the most enticing meals might be a fruit salad with apples, bananas and a couple of slices of fresh orange. You can always add a little fruit to his regular dog food.

Recipe for orange dog treats. (Makes 35 treats)

1 T olive oil

1 egg

4 peeled and pureed oranges

2 ½ c. flour

½ c carob chips

Puree peeled sliced oranges and put in a bowl. Take chips, flax, flour, and olive oil In processor and blend. Put all into a bowl with orange and mix like dough. Flour the surface and roll ½ inch thick. Cut into desired shapes and place on parchment paper. Cook at 350 degrees for 25 min. Cool and store in an airtight container.

What do Vets and nutritionists have to say about dogs and oranges?

Give your dog snacks in moderation. Though oranges are low in sodium they contain sugar which can lead to obesity and other conditions. Feed only one or two segments of seedless oranges daily. Treats should make up only 10% of a dog’s daily calories. Feel free to comment on your dog’s reaction to orange treats below. Like foods, please check with your vet prior to introducing new foods into your dog’s diet. Can dogs eat oranges? Yes they can.

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