Can Dogs Eat ?

What human food can dogs eat? Every dog owner has wondered this, whether it’s your first dog or not. We put together a comprehensive list of foods, drinks, spices, recipes, medicines and even some awesome dog treat recipes. Our goal is to bring you the most complete list to answer the question… What can dogs eat?

Can Dogs Eat?













Can dogs eat bananas or fish or eggs or chocolate? Our archives will share the answers and additional information you want to know, what can dogs eat?


Can dogs drink milk or coffee or beer or tea? We’ve done loads of research on these and more popular human drinks, stop wondering what your dog can drink, we have the answers.


Can dogs eat cinnamon or rosemary or basil or pepper? There are lots of spices used in human cooking. All the knowledge about dogs and spices is in this section.


Dog treat recipes for your favorite human foods await! Always check with your veterinarian before feeding your dog human foods, then check our dog treat recipe section.


You should not ever give your dog medicine without veterinarian guidance. We share some of the popular medicines and their impacts (positive and negative) inside.


Who are we and why are we sharing our research to the age old questions of can dogs eat this or can dogs eat that? Meet the team and why we are doing what we do.

What can dogs eat FAQ’s

Generally speaking, dogs eating grass is not harmful and although they may throw up afterwards, it is generally not a concern and possibly not even the cause of their vomiting. The debate on why dogs eat grass has been debated for ages and there are professional opinions in a wide range of answers. Thus, we suggest you discuss with your Vet. Eating grass can be an indicator of health issues however, especially if it is a new behavior for your dog. Because each case is different, you should consult your veterinarian and they can help you determine if there is an underlying issue with your dog eating grass.

Oh boy, this is a can of worms. There are dog feeding guides, breed related caloric literature and lots of data points on this topic everywhere, and they all don’t align. Our recommendation is… talk to your Vet. Then select the food your dog will be eating and come up with a plan that works best for your dog.

There isn’t really a best food for your dogs. There are however a wide range of foods dogs can eat provided you adhere to your Vets recommendation of how much and how often. If you’ve ever wondered..  can dogs eat shrimp or can dogs drink milk then you’ve come to the right place to find out if they can. As for dog treats.. watermelon, apples and bananas are some of the most popular foods given as dog treats.

Glad you asked! We have loads of dog treat recipes that can be made without too much effort. Not all dogs like the same treats and foods, since this isn’t a one size fits all answer, we would direct you to explore our best dog treat recipes section of the site.