About US

The can dogs eat? team was founded on the very concept of the question. How many times in our lives had we heard that question? From friends, from fellow pet owners, from kids it compelled us to create a resource where you could go to find tons of information on the topic, without the noise of other topics clouding your focus.

Clover Kincheloe

Clover is a soft hearted lover of animals, from rescuing kittens in Bali to a street pup in Portugal, she is happy to be surrounded by four legged, snuggly friends. Raised in Montana, she spent the last 5 years traveling the world with her husband and two kids. Currently Clover is living in Southern Portugal with the family toy poodle, “Ollie” and rescued street pup “Raina-the-Destructor”. She enjoys Portuguese wine and is always answering her kids’ questions, “Can dogs eat….?”

Tom Kincheloe

Lifelong pet owner and pet parent to a toy poodle (Ollie) and a rescue dog (Raina) from the local pound. Tom is in charge of site layout, content strategy and marketing for CanDogsEat. Tom’s from NW Montana originally, a cartographer by trade and an avid traveller currently living with Clover, their children, 2 dogs and 3 cats in Portugal.

Dayna Modeste

Dayna Modeste is a content writer from the Caribbean island of St Lucia where she lives with her 3 year old daughter Isabella & her two parakeets Genesis and Mash-mellow. Dayna doesn’t have a dog of her own right now, but has a soft spot for yorkie terriers. In her spare time she loves to try out new recipes and party decorating.


The concept for CanDogsEat came from multiple conversations with Clover and Tom’s children. “Mom, can dogs eat carrots?”, “Dad, can dogs eat bananas?”. We found ourselves constantly looking online to research these questions and realized there is not one true source for this information, rather it is split between dog food manufactures, pet sites, and kennel clubs and dog owner groups. When COVID took hold in 2020, Clover and Tom found themselves with a lot more time at home, and started conceptualizing the site as a resource for Dog lovers. Our goal is to be the de facto source for all things around CanDogsEat. We are confident you will find our research informative and helpful. Of course, you should always speak to your veterinarian when it comes to diet changes in your dog’s diet.