Can Dogs Drink Beer

can dogs drink beer

By: candogseat

Updated On: December 5, 2020

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Can dogs drink beer?

Beer’s main ingredients are yeast, hops and malted barley depending on the type of beer. Often grain, fruits and spices are also added. So we post the question: is beer bad for dogs? Hops are an essential ingredient in beer but did you know that hops are poisonous or even deadly for dogs? It is advisable to keep beer away from dogs. I know you are thinking, some dogs have had beer and they are still alive. How is that so? Well, some dogs are more susceptible to hops poisoning than others. We all know what beer can do to humans if they drink too much or have an intolerance… Now, look at your dog’s size compared to our size, for the most part dogs are much, much smaller. Imagine the damage beer can cause to your dog. Hops poisoning can cause your dogs temperature to rise and either result in brain damage or even death in extreme cases. A dog’s temperature can go 6 -10 degrees F over their ideal temperature. Malignant hyperthermia can be caused by hops poisoning in dogs and most of the damage from this can be permanent in your pooch. Can dogs drink beer… No, they can not drink beer.

Why is beer bad for dogs?

As previously stated beer contains hops that can be very toxic in dogs. Beer for dogs not today, not ever. Wine is also not allowed. Let’s not forget that wine is made from grapes and grapes are bad for dogs. It’s very harmful to dogs to allow them to drink either. Alcohol affects the central nervous systems and even coordination is affected, they slow down and become drowsy just like humans. Your dog’s liver is just not designed like ours and just can not process alcohol. Beer or any other alcohol can cause a dramatic drop in sugar which can cause extra damage if your dog has diabetes or high blood pressure too. If your pooch accidentally gets into your alcohol first things first look for any of the systems mentioned before. Call your veterinarian immediately and they will let you know what would be the best treatment for your dog. Can dogs drink beer? No, beer is bad for dogs.

What do vets and nutritionists have to say about dogs and beer?

It is best to keep our canine friends far away from beer, wine, or any alcoholic beverages. Not even a lick. Also bear in mind other products that may also contain alcohol. Items like mouthwash, perfume, or even deodorant need to be kept away from your dog. Foods like fruit cake, rum, and raisin ice-cream sometimes even food coloring may contain alcohol. There are even dental sprays for dogs that may contain alcohol. Do your best to watch labels on anything you might introduce your pet to, and keep all your beer/wine or other alcoholic drinks in a place where you dog simply can’t find and drink them. Let’s try to keep our tail-waggers healthy!

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